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The C1615 is a Copper piston Water Hammer Arrestor (WHA) from the SURGEx DIY series, designed for quick and easy installation without the need for special expertise. Featuring LEAD-FREE brass fittings for safe usage with drinking water, it is integrated with an 'A' size WHA and a 'Tee' fitting with 1/2" (15mm) BSP connections (male/female), allowing for easy connection in applications such as toilets, sinks, and more. Versatile and suitable for both cold and hot water, the C1615 is adaptable to new or existing installations. Pre-charged with Nitrogen at the factory, it requires no recharging and is maintenance-free.



  • Seamless body fabricated from hard drawn copper to ensure smooth movement of the piston.

  • Piston design provides superior resistance to water hammer and hydraulic shock and ensure durability and long service life with maintenance-free operation.

  • Compact size and slim design for easy installation in tight spaces, minimizing the area consumed.

  • Can be installed at any position.

  • Available with BSP connection diameters DN15 (½”) with swivel female connection to ease installation as DIY.

  • Factory pre-charged at 60 PSI (4.2 BAR) with nitrogen and hermetically sealed, no need to charge after installation.

  • Lead-free brass adapter for drinking water, safe for drinking water.

  • High working pressure up to 24 BAR (350 PSIG) and high working temperature up to 121C (250F).

  • Manufactured and designed in accordance with the latest American and Australian standards and sized in accordance with a well-recognized international design code/standard.



    • General Plumbing 
    • Laundry / Toilet


    SURGEx C1615 Lead-Free Water Hammer Arrestor size A laundry/toilet tee 1/2" 15mm

    SKU: SUR-C1615
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