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The SURGEx-DIY series offers piston-operated, lead-free water hammer arrestors made from hard-drawn seamless copper with a brass TEE, available in sizes DN20 (¾") and DN15 (½"). These arrestors absorb shock caused by sudden changes in water flow direction to prevent damage to pipes, valves, and fixtures. They are suitable for use in washing machines, dishwashers, and general plumbing applications.


SURGEx-DIY arrester is pre-charged with pressurized gas (nitrogen) and installed in the plumbing system near the source of the water hammer. When water flow suddenly stops, the piston inside the arrester compresses the gas, which absorbs the pressure surge and reduces the risk of damage to the plumbing system. The compressed gas then slowly expands back to its pre-charged state, ready for the next water hammer event.

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