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SURGEx range includes a variety of surge vessels, such as compressor, bladder, and self-aerated vessels, with capacities of up to 100,000 liters per vessel. These surge vessels are suitable for use in potable water, sewage water, and various process applications.


SURGEx-BV series is a type of water hammer protection equipment that consists of a bladder surge vessel. The vessel is designed to absorb the pressure waves that occur during water hammer events and protect the pipes and fittings in the system. The bladder surge vessel contains a rubber bladder that is pre-charged with compressed air. When a surge occurs, the water is forced into the bladder, compressing the air inside and absorbing the pressure wave. As the pressure wave subsides, the compressed air in the bladder pushes the water back into the system.

SURGEx-BV series is available in various sizes, ranging from a few liters and up to 100,000 liters, and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The volume of the vessel required is defined based on a surge analysis which depends on the volume of the system and the severity of the water hammer events. Multiple vessels can be installed in parallel to increase the capacity as needed.

Overall, SURGEx-BV series is an effective and reliable way to protect pipes and fittings from the damaging effects of water hammer. The bladder surge vessel design ensures that the water is not in direct contact with the vessel shell, reducing the risk of corrosion and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment. The bladder material, typically Polyurethane, has high mechanical and physical characteristics for durability and efficiency.


SURGEx-CV is a series of water hammer protection equipment that includes a surge vessel and a compressor. The surge vessel acts as a shock absorber that helps to deal with overpressures that can occur due to water hammer. It is designed to be connected to the water system, and it compensates for the air that can be dissolved into the water or that flows into the system when a surge occurs.

The volume of a single surge vessel in the SURGEx-CV series can range up to 100,000 liters. However, in cases where greater volumes are required, multiple vessels can be installed in parallel depending on the results of a surge analysis.

The compressor in the SURGEx-CV series is responsible for maintaining the proper air pressure within the surge vessel. It is designed to automatically adjust the air pressure to maintain the correct volume of air in the surge vessel.


SURGEx-SA series is a type of water hammer protection equipment that consists of a self-aerating vessel. This vessel is designed to protect pipelines from the negative pressures that occur during water hammer events. The vessel acts as a large vacuum breaker, allowing the injection of a certain amount of air into the pipeline and breaking the vacuum.


SURGEx-SA series is particularly useful when the surge pressures are negative or in other words, when a vacuum is created within the pipeline. In such cases, the self-aerating vessel injects air into the pipeline to prevent the formation of a vacuum and the resulting damage to pipes and fittings.

Generally, the vessel need to be installed vertically. It is available in different sizes depending on the volume of the system and the severity of the water hammer events. 

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