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SURGEx-S25-B is a bellows-type water hammer arrestor, size B, featuring components fabricated from stainless steel grade 304 as standard. Internally, it is equipped with stainless steel bellows, renowned for efficiently absorbing water hammer effects. During a water hammer event, the bellows compress and expand, effectively absorbing the kinetic energy generated by the surging water. The end connection of the arrestor is a male threaded, conforming to NPT standards size 1" (25mm).



  • Body: Stainless Steel grade 304
  • Bellows: Stainless Steel grade 304



  • Pressure range: Up to 400 PSIG (27.6 BAR)
  • Temperature range: 33°F to 250°F (0.5°C to 121°C)



  • Fabricated entirely from Stainless steel grade 304 to provide excellent resistance against common waterborne chemicals and ensure durability.
  • Designed for easy installation with no access panel required, reducing installation time and cost.
  • Suitable for use in new or existing domestic and commercial plumbing systems with a standard pipe tee.
  • Factory pre-charged and hermetically sealed, eliminating the need to charge it after installation and ensuring reliable performance.
  • Sized according to international standards, ensuring proper operation and protection against water hammer.
  • Maintenance FREE


SURGEx S25-B Stainless Steel Bellows Water Hammer Arrestor size B 1" 25mm

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